Film Development Fund


* The Film Development Fund (FDF) was first set up by the Government in 1999 to support projects conducive to the long-term development of the film industry in Hong Kong.

* In July 2007, the Government injected $300 million into the FDF, and expanded its scope to partly finance small-to-medium budget film productions. In May 2015, the Government further injected HK$200 million into the FDF and introduced a new scheme under it to subsidise low-budget film productions. The pilot period of the Film Production Grant Scheme has been completed on 28 February 2018.

In June 2016, the Government injected an additional funding of $20 million into the FDF to subsidise the expenses incurred by locally-produced Cantonese films for distribution and publicity conducted in the Mainland.

In May 2019, the Government injected another $1 billion into the FDF to help the local film industry thrive further.

* The FDF is administered by the Secretariat of the Hong Kong Film Development Council (HKFDC).


The FDF aims to fund projects and activities which contribute towards the development of the Hong Kong film industry, including:

* part-financing small-to-medium budget film productions;

* enhancing efforts to promote Hong Kong films in the Mainland and overseas;

* enhancing initiatives to train talents in various aspects of film production and distribution; and

* enhancing the interest and appreciation of Hong Kong films by the local audience.

Eligibility for Application

(a) Financing Film Production

* The applicant must be a film production company formed and registered under the Companies Ordinance (Cap.622) or the predecessor Ordinance (as defined in section 2 of Cap.622). The applicant, film producer, film director or any combination of them must have produced a total of at least two released films immediately preceding the date of application.

* The film project:
  • must be a feature drama or animation film intended for commercial theatrical exhibition in Hong Kong with a production budget of not more than HK $60 million and the length of which must be 80 minutes or above;

  • should be shown to be commercially viable and has secured third-party financing to the satisfaction of the Government;

  • all film director(s) must be permanent resident of Hong Kong;

  • must employ at least one permanent resident of Hong Kong in any two of the following categories of the main film crew and cast : (i) the leading actor; (ii) the leading actress; (iii) the supporting actor; and (iv) the supporting actress;

  • must be potentially capable of qualifying for a certificate for public exhibition in Hong Kong under the Film Censorship Ordinance (Cap. 392).

(b) Funding Other Film-related Projects

* The applicant should normally be a locally incorporated film industry organization or a related body.

* The project:
  • must be beneficial to the overall development of the Hong Kong film industry;

  • must serve the interests of the entire film industry, and not just an individual private company or a consortium of private companies; and

  • should mainly be non-profit making in nature.


No application fee is charged. Applicants should refer to the respective Guides to Application for details on application procedures and eligibility criteria. Application Forms and Guides to Application can be downloaded here:

(a) Financing Film Production :

  (i) Film Production Financing Scheme

  (ii) Film Production Financing Scheme (Relaxation Plan)

Please click here to see the “Frequently Asked Questions” relating to the application procedures and eligibility criteria.

(b) Funding Other Film-related Projects:

(i) For other film-related projects in general:
(ii) For films nominated to participate in film festivals overseas
(iii)  For Hong Kong films (Cantonese Version) distributed in the Mainland (Chinese version only)

(c) First Feature Film Initiative (FFFI):

Please click here for the Application Form, Application Guidelines of FFFI and the information of the winning film projects under the Initiative.

The latest news on the films under FFFI also be found at its dedicated Facebook Page.

(d) Scriptwriting Incubation Programme:

Application for Scriptwriting Incubation Programme has been closed on 14 October 2020.

Contractual Arrangements

In respect of applications for financing film production, successful applicants will be required to execute financing contracts with the Government. Samples of the documents and contracts for financing film production are available here. Successful applicants of film financing will also be required to submit documents to prove the ownership of all the intellectual property rights of the film.

The FDF Application Forms and Guides to Application are also available at:

  Hong Kong Film Development Council Secretariat
  Address: 40/F, Revenue Tower, 5 Gloucester Road
Wanchai, Hong Kong
  Tel. no. : (852) 2594 5846
  Fax no.: (852) 2824 0595