Enhanced Film Production Financing Scheme open for application

The Hong Kong Film Development Council (FDC) is pleased to announce that the enhanced Film Production Financing Scheme (the enhanced Scheme) is open for applications from today (19 May 2020). Under the enhanced Scheme, the maximum production budget of a film project is increased to $60 million (from $25 million), and the maximum government financing amount is increased by 50% to $9 million (from $6 million).

The enhanced Scheme is one of the measures launched pursuant to the injection of $1 billion into the Film Development Fund in May 2019, with a view to boosting long-term development of the film industry under four broad directions, namely nurturing talent, enhancing local production, expanding markets, and building audience.

The Chairman of the FDC, Dr Wilfred Wong, said, "the enhanced Film Production Financing Scheme will support local mid-budget film productions and attract film investors to invest in Hong Kong films, which would help enhance local production in terms of quality and quantity, and in turn market competitiveness."

The Application Form and Guide to Application for the enhanced Scheme can be downloaded from the links below.

Application Form (PDF Format)

Proposed Budget (Narrative Film) (Excel Format)

Proposed Budget (Narrative Animation) (Excel Format)

Guide to Application (PDF Format)

Hong Kong Film Development Council Secretariat
19 May 2020

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Film Development Council”

In his Policy Address in October 2006, the Chief Executive announced that the Secretary for Commerce, Industry and Technology (retitled as the Secretary for Commerce and Economic Development with effect from 1 July 2007) will co-ordinate the film-related policy, planning and activities, including manpower training, Mainland and overseas promotion, and filming support. In order to support the Secretary and to ensure the policy is in line with the sustainable development of the film industry, the Government established the Hong Kong Film Development Council (FDC) on 15 April 2007. The new term of the FDC commenced on 1 April 2019.

The main role of the FDC is to advise the Secretary on the policy, strategy and institutional arrangement for the promotion and development of the film industry, as well as the use of public funds to support the industry.

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