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Film Financing Scheme for Mainland Market

Film Financing Scheme for Mainland Market

The objective of the Scheme is to support Hong Kong film companies and the Mainland cultural enterprises to invest in and promote the productions of Hong Kong directors. This will help boost the chance of Hong Kong films for release in the Mainland market and nurture more Hong Kong directors to enter the Mainland film market.

The production budgets of the film projects must be between HK$25 million and HK$150 million. Approved film projects must be theatrically released in Hong Kong and if they are successfully released in the Mainland cinemas, they will receive a government finance of HK$10 million. If the film project ultimately fails to be released in the Mainland cinemas or streaming platforms, the amount of government finance will be reduced correspondingly.

  • Applicants must be a film production company registered in Hong Kong, and have at least one (1) Mainland released film presented and/or produced by the Applicants or successfully imported local Hong Kong film into the Mainland film market within the past seven (7) years prior to the date of the Application;
  • The Film Producer(s) must be permanent resident(s) of Hong Kong, and must have previously produced at least one (1) film that has been theatrically released in Hong Kong or Mainland film market;
  • The Film Director must be a permanent resident of Hong Kong, and must have previously directed at least one (1) film that has been theatrically released in Hong Kong or the Mainland film market;
  • The main Screenwriter of the Film Project must have previously participated as a screenwriter in at least one (1) film that has been theatrically released in Hong Kong within the past ten (10) years;
  • Among the leading/supporting actors/actresses, two (2) of them must be permanent residents of Hong Kong; and
  • At least three (3) crew members from each category among the following nine (9) categories will be permanent residents in Hong Kong: Cinematography, Action Choreography, Art Direction, Costume and Make up Design, Film Editing, Original Film Score, Original Film Song, Sound Design and Visual Effects.


No application fee is charged. Applicants should refer to the respective Guides to Application for details on application procedures and eligibility criteria. Application Forms and Guides to Application can be downloaded here:

Contractual Arrangements

In respect of applications for financing film production, successful applicants will be required to execute financing contracts with the Government. Samples of the documents and contracts for financing film production will be uploaded to the website in due course. Successful applicants of film financing will also be required to submit documents to prove the ownership of all the intellectual property rights of the film.

For enquiries, please contact:

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