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Hong Kong-Asian Film Collaboration Funding Scheme

"New Power of Hong Kong Cinema" Event

The objective of the Funding Scheme is to subsidise film projects co-produced by filmmakers between Hong Kong and Asian countries with a view to enhancing exposures of such collaboration in Asian and international markets as well as achieving in-depth exchanges and mutual learning.

A maximum of eight films will be subsidised in two phases. Each approved film project will receive a grant equaling to the production cost if the production cost is no more than HK$9 million, or HK$9 million if the production cost is more than HK$9 million. In the latter circumstance, the Applicant is responsible for soliciting other investment to top up the excessive production costs.

  • Among the three main creative positions of producer, director and screenwriter in the production team, there must be at least one Hong Kong and one Asian country “Qualified Film Practitioner”;
  • A “Qualified Film Practitioner” must satisfy both of the following criteria: (i) being the citizens or permanent residents of Hong Kong/respective countries; and (ii) when taking up the position of producer, director or screenwriter, he/she must have been awarded or nominated for “Best Film”, “Best Director” or “Best Screenwriter” respectively in internationally recognised film festivals or local awards ceremony;
  • Six of the following ten categories must have at least one Hong Kong permanent resident:
    1. Leading Actor/Voice Actor
    2. Supporting Actor/Voice Actor
    3. Department Head of Cinematography
    4. Department Head of Action Choreography
    5. Department Head of Art Direction
    6. Department Head of Costume and Make Up Design
    7. Department Head of Film Editing
    8. Department Head of Original Film Score and Original Film Song
    9. Department Head of Sound Design
    10. Department Head of Visual Effects
  • At least 30% of below-the-line expenditure is spent in Hong Kong.

Application Period:
  • First Phase: 10 February to 30 June 2023


No application fee is charged. Applicants should refer to the respective Guides to Application for details on application procedures and eligibility criteria. Application Forms and Guides to Application can be downloaded here:

Feature-length Narrative Film
Feature-length Narrative Animation

The FDF Application Forms and Guides to Application are also available at:

Title Content

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